---. montblanc piston / nib unit removal...pelikan pliers...visconti nib removal..
..Please note! You work on your pens at your own risk!

Please read the manuals carefully. The tools are designed for different pen models. Do not use the tools on other pens!

My tools are made for professional pen restore. If you have no knowledge about the construction of a Montblanc 149/146 please read carefully the instruction manuals and study the pictures before you beginning to think about open a Montblanc pen.

Also you can get a lot of information how to open a Montblanc pen here (thanks to FPN and the members)

Usally it is not necessary to remove the nib or the nib unit. Only for changing nibs you need to remove the nib section. In almost all cases you have to renew the sealant between nib unit and barrel, depends on the modell and production period. Please see here the discussion on FPN!

Removing the piston unit is much easier. For flushing, cleaning and lubricating it is not necessary to remove the nib unit! Do not overtighten the assambled filling unit when you screw it back into the barrel.


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download: piston removal ----+++++---nib unit removal

two component silicone seal



I received the last Montblanc tool yesterday !!
Excellent tools. Makes it a pleasure to repair and clean my 149's. I just received the next Montblanc tool 1950-1985 Nib tool. It's great . (Stephen, FL, US)

Just a short note to let you know that the tools arrived safely today and all my montblanc pens are lovely, clean and smooth once more. Thank you so much for them. You will also have made 2 other pen collectors Christmases when they receive theirs. Thanks again. Vince. (East Lothian, GB)

Nice items. (Kiyotaka, Tokio, Japan)